Jackie Ng / The Map Guy(DE)
MapGuide on Windows 10Since Microsoft released a new preview build of Windows 10, I'd thought I give it a spin on VirtualBox.My first impressions are... new!
Glenn Letham / AnyGeo
Popular this week on GISuser…TweetA few highlights on trending articles from the past week Post by new!
Gene V. Roe / LiDAR News
Mapping Forests’ Carbonlaser technology that is flown over the tropics to measure how much carbon is trapped in the forests, and where deforestation, illegal logging and mining... new!
Keir Clarke / Google Maps Mania
Maps of the WeekThis month Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson became the first climbers to free-climb the 3,000-foot Dawn Wall ofEl Capitan. The New York Time's The Dawn... new!
Keir Clarke / Google Maps Mania
The European River MapEarlier this month Andrew Hill created a beautiful looking map of U.S. Rivers Colored by the Direction they Flow.Europeans now have their own river flow... new!
Image of the day - MODIS/NASA
Sediment stirred up by Tropical Cyclone Bansi, Cargados Carajos Shoals, Indian Ocean
This is a reproduction. All rights of the image belongs to NASA.
Pvanb / Ecostudies
Update of r.forestfrag addon for GRASS GIS 7.0Riitters et al. (2000) proposed a quick approach to measure the degree of forest fragmentation that could be relatively easily implemented and which only required... Jan 24th
365 Globes by Hondartza FragaHondartza Fraga has set herself a challenge for 2015.The artist has decided to do one drawing a day for the whole year and all of... Jan 24th
Gene V. Roe / LiDAR News
Integrated BIM, 3D and Geospatial – FinallyGeoff and I are on the same wavelength about the importance and potential of these new standards that are now out for comment. ... Jan 24th
Keir Clarke / Google Maps Mania
How to Create Interactive Vintage MapsToday I was going to sit down and write a tutorial on how I created the New York Vintage Map using Leaflet.js and old historical... Jan 24th
Keir Clarke / Google Maps Mania
Dynamic Driving Directions with TurfTurf is now availableas a Mapbox.js pluginand can be used to perform many common GIS operations.Over the last few weeks the Mapbox blog has been... Jan 23rd
Stock Market Quotes
Mobile manufactures
Nokia, TomTom, Garmin, TeleCommunication Systems
Data & Chart: Reuters
Oculus gives Sundance attendees a literal bird's-eye view"People dream about flying." That's what Max Rheiner, creator of Birdly, a virtual reality experience that lets you feel what it's like to fly... Jan 23rd
Sean Gillies / Sean Gillies Blog
Fiona, Rasterio, Shapely binary wheels for OS XFiona, Rasterio, Shapely binary wheels for OS X Numpy and SciPy binaries for OS X have been up on PyPI for a few months and I’ve recently... Jan 23rd
Glenn Letham / AnyGeo
Canada’s Launches a Search for the National Bird ProjectTweetWow, as a Canadian I was surprised to find out that Canada doesn’t actually have an “official” national bird! Yes indeed like me, i bet... Jan 23rd
OSGeo Foundation
Be part of Openness in GeoeducationJan 23rd
Google Maps Engine could be quietly coming to a halt soonAnonymous submission: ZDNet reports that a Google spokesperson confirmed Maps Engine support will end on January 29, 2016. From the Google statement quoted... Jan 23rd
Infrastructure Modeling / Autodesk
Reading Network Part DescriptionJan 23rd
GPS World
Navman Wireless Launches 360 Degree Fleet Safety SolutionNavman Wireless is launching an integrated vehicle tracking and camera technology product aimed at helping businesses managerisk, improve road safety, and reduce... Jan 23rd
GIS Lounge
Mapping the Nation: How the US Government Uses GISIn February, Esri will be releasing the fifth book in its Mapping the Nation Series. A collection of maps,Mapping the Nation: Building a More Resilient... Jan 23rd
The map of the continental United States contains an elf making chickenFrom Futility Closet: "He’s known as Mimal, after the states that make him up: Minnesota (hat), Iowa (head), Missouri (shirt), Arkansas... Jan 23rd
GPS World
LoJack Showcases TomTom Fleet Solution at NADA 2015LoJack Corporation, a vehicle theft recovery and fleet management company, will demonstrate a range of new connected car collaborations and telematics solutions... Jan 23rd
Nicholas Duggan
Ordnance Survey go GovCoA new model for operation of The Ordnance Survey of the UK has been announced. This looks promising for the future of the customer and... Jan 23rd
Geoff Zeiss / Between the Poles
First infrastructure standard based on a common BIM/geospatial model releasedThere are several initiatives underway to develop multi-disciplinary interoperability standards for the convergence of BIM, 3D and geospatial. The first BIM standard based on a... Jan 23rd
GPS Trackit
GM Expands Safety Alert Seat, Avoid Fleet Break-Ins & Harley 3 WheelerFleet Management News Digest from Featuring periodic updates on new fleet vehicles, fuels, laws, regulations, technology, PLUS some fun stuff... Jan 23rd
The Atlantic
Mapping the Crushing Truth About Your Work CommuteThings don't look so bad. Nathan Yau of FlowingData has put together an interactive map tool that shows how Americans get to... Jan 23rd
Senators introduce bill to rein-in law enforcement use of location dataNumerous senators from around the country have (re-)presenteda bill which would require law enforcement to obtain warrants before... Jan 23rd
This Interactive Map Shows How Americans Get To WorkCommuting hell!Flowing Data's new infographic delves into the commuting habits of Americans, drawn from United States Census Bureau's 2013 American Community Survey.... Jan 23rd
Cool Infographics
Equal Population MapperBen Blatt has created the... Jan 23rd
It's About Data - Safe Software
A Week of Geospatial Change seen through a HoloLensOne week ago we released FME 2015.0 and I blogged about how 2015 is likely to be a year... Jan 23rd
GIS Education Community / ESRI
New Textbook: Discovering GIS and ArcGIS, by Bradley ShellitoOur colleague Dr Bradley Shellito, from Youngstown State University, author of Introduction to Geospatial Technologies, has authored a new textbook entitledDiscovering... Jan 23rd
Geoff Zeiss / Between the Poles
Conceptual model for open infrastructure standard InfraGML releasedInfraGML is the proposed Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Geographic Markup Language (GML) application schema supporting land development and civil engineering infrastructure facilities. The OGC has... Jan 23rd
Keir Clarke / Google Maps Mania
Mapping Olde New YorkHaving used the New York Public Library's map collection to put together a little Leaflet.js map ofNew York Vintage Maps I remembered that the library... Jan 23rd
Clarisse d’Arcimoles :: Medium Format PolaroidsWe share a studio with the lovelyClarisse d’Arcimoleswho when we are lucky.. shoots some pictures of us at work :: These two from yesterday are... Jan 23rd
Gary Gale / Gary's Bloggage
How Did 2014’s Geo Predictions Actually Work Out? In January of 2014, Atanas Entchev from GeoHipster asked me to make some predictions about where the maps, location and geo industry... Jan 23rd
This Week In… InstagramChloe was in the week working onMini Desk Globes.. as was Isis along with a coupleLivingstones. Jon has been working... Jan 23rd
Mickey Mellen / Google Earth Blog
3D Imagery timelineEarlier this week we had a look at how long it takes Google to process and release 3D imagery. For a few... Jan 23rd
Ordnance Survey UK
Walk of the week: Pentland rambleLength of route:11miles Starting point:NT 232 630, parking and toilets available Suitable for:Walking Maps:OS Explorer Map344 – Pentland Hills Download our OS MapFinder appand record... Jan 23rd
Keir Clarke / Google Maps Mania
The Road Less Traveled on Google MapsThe road less traveled is paved with Foursquare venues and plastered with Instagram photos. At least that seems to be the curious message behind Roadless.... Jan 22nd
New Release of Vegetation Raster Data for Sonoma County, CAIn October 2014, OpenTopography released lidar point cloud data and limited raster layers (bare earth, highest... Jan 22nd
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